Factory Tour
In May 2014, Make Locks move to the company owned new buildings. Here, the areas is about 28,000 square meters, total including 5 buildings. Located in the road side, transportation is very convenient and only about 20 min to North Xiamen Station and to Xiamen Airport.
Walking into Makelocks, the one on your left is the office building, where is with a good working conditions. The first and second floor are for working, the third floor is for studying and meetings and the fourth floor is for entertainment. In the break time, Makelocks members can go to the fourth floor to do some sports like pingpong, running/cycling with sports equipment, or go to the coffee house/tea room to have a cup of coffee/tea, enjoying and relaxing. Otherwise, reading some books in the bookhouse to immerse yourself into the ocean of knowlege. 

The building in the front of you is the factory building, where the mold Dept., die-casting Dept., CNC Dept., Auto-lathing Dept., assembly, warehouse etc. Located. Our staffs are working hard like a busy bee from day to night in this build, making locks for your orders.
Then walking along, turn left and then turn right, you will see the basketball court, where male staffs play basketball after work, sometimes there will be a basketball match, and passer-bys will atract and stand along the road, watching match and put on steam for the players.
Standing on the road, in front is workers’ domitory, but the first floor is our canteen. Here, you can taste the Hakka dishes, very delicious! And, the right side is the other two building for manufacuting.
For the cooperation culture of Makelocks, it is beyond words. Sincerly welcome your visit and feel it yourself. 

Factory Tour