RFID Smart Locker Lock MK732
RFID Smart Locker Lock MK732
Short Description
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China RFID Smart Locker Lock Supplier: RFID Smart Locker Lock MK732, RFID Induction Electronic Lock with Zinc Alloy Casing, Suitable for All Kind of Lockers.

Key Specifications / Features

Name: RFID Induction Smart Locker Lock MK732.

Product description:
MAKE's new type of locker lock, electronic smart lock MK732, is an RFID induction electronic lock, with zinc alloy metal casing, a silk-screen PC panel and an emergency lock cylinder. MK732 has been greatly improved in terms of its performance, appearance and size.
This product is suitable for lockers with all kinds of metal, wood, plastic panels and doors in schools, hospitals, offices, swimming pools and other places.

Model No.: MK732.
Material: Zinc alloy.
Service environment: Temperature: -15 - 65°C; humidity: 5% - 95%.
Input voltage: DC4.5V; 3*AA alkaline battery.
Static power consumption ≤100uA; Dynamic power consumption ≤170mA.

1. Quiet design
2. Straight / oblique lock tongue
3. Program customization
4. Emergency lock cylinder
5. A variety of surface treatment
6. 2 colors of LED lights to display (green, red)
7. A three-level management system
8. Emergency key unlock

Scope of application:
Suitable for lockers in schools, hospitals, factories, offices, airports, railway stations, swimming pools, baths, clubs, cabinets and doors made of all various materials - including plastic / metal / aluminum alloy, etc.

Product picture:
RFID Smart Locker Lock MK732, Intelligent Induction Electronic Lock

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